Hakeem b a graphic designer and new media artist. He lives and works in Lyon since 2015. After many residencies, winning-awards, collective exhibitions and festivals around the world, Hakeem b began to be interested by the language of graphic design. He has been working for many companies such as APEC, SERVICE CIVIQUE, SFR, Agnes b, ACT UP Paris, ARTE and with some french publishing houses.


In his vibrant graphic works, Hakeem b develops a visual language based on a systematic use of forms. He explores all possibilities and declinations given by his vocabulary within self-set boundaries to push the system to its breaking point. His compositions are made in a conscious improvisation mode and range from portraits to abstract compositions. They always include playful repetitions and form variations.


His audiovisual research leads Hakeem b to work with performances and multimedia installations through a constant search of an exact visual language.

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